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A reduces organic wastes and smells

For use in portable and other toilets
6 x 30g Water Soluble Sachets

EcoLoo comes in water-soluble sachets, making it easy, safe and clean to use.

For standard portable toilets (up to 25 litres), simply drop one sachet into the toilet bowl after the holding tank has been emptied. If more than four people are using the toilet or if it has not been emptied for several days the does should be repeated at two or three day intervals.

For toilets used at public functions, an initial does of two sachets is recommended.

Septic Tanks: You can also use EcoLoo if you are troubled by a smelly septic tank system. Like BioGest, it works to boost the numbers of helpful bacteria in your system, so they can control odours naturally.

In addition, its natural almond essential oils will deodorise the system while the bacteria get to work.

To use EcoLoo to help control septic tank problems, use one sachet a day for six days. Then switch to a regular maintenance programme of using 1 BioGest sachet every month, to keep the good bacteria in the system at optimum levels.











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