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Product Overview

BioGest Septic Tank Activator

End your smelly septic tank problemsBioGest with BioGest

When your septic tank stops working properly, you soon know about it!

  • Offensive septic tank odour
  • Waterlogged ground
  • Extra tank pump-out costs
  • Angry neighbours

… just a few of the consequences of a septic tank that is failing to work efficiently.

BioGest Septic Tank Activator
will restore the balance in your tank and get it working again safely:

  • no extra pumping
  • no chemicals

…and no more unmentionable smells!

For all your sewerage system maintainence and septic tank cleaning, BioGest will help keep your septic system working effectively. It works in both older–style septic tanks and the newer, aerated systems.

Modern Advanced Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS)


How does the problem start?

Your septic tank acts as a collection point for household sewage. Waste settles in the tank and microorganisms begin to break down and liquefy the waste. These bacteria and fungi work entirely naturally, and when they are allowed to do their job, they also deodorise the waste material as they work.

However, many households use modern cleaning products such as bleaches, disinfectants and detergents that are designed to kill bacteria in the home.

When these products are flushed into the septic tank, they also kill off the “good” bacteria that are working there. The same thing happens when someone in the family is taking antibiotics – they also find their way into the septic tank and kill bacteria.

All these things upset the biological balance in your septic tank, and without the bacteria to break down the solids, the tank starts to fill up with waste, the soak-away area becomes clogged, particularly with fat and grease, causing the ground to become waterlogged ….and you begin to get that septic tank odour!

How can BioGest help?

BioGest Septic Tank Activator contains a range of carefully selected microorganisms. They are all naturally occuring and have not been modified in any way. When a dose of BioGest is added to your tank, it boosts the natural bacterial and fungal population, overcoming the effects of household chemicals and antibiotics and allowing the microorganisms to do their job again.

BioGest will also improve the performance of septic tank systems in areas that experience extreme temperatures.

How do I use it?

Simply drop a water-soluble sachet of BioGest into the toilet and flush, or drop it directly into the septic tank.

A normal household tank of up 3300 litres would use 1 sachet a month. If the tank is larger, household numbers are high or chemical cleaners are used frequently, increase the dose to once every two weeks.

To restore the biological balance of a tank which is performing badly, dose daily for four or five days. For best results drop BioGest in the toilet nearest the septic tank at night and leave in the bowl for 30 minutes before flushing.



Control odours in septic systems, portable and temporary toilets with EcoLoo.

Whether your toilet is in your caravan or boat, or a temporary toilet at a construction site or outdoor event, no-one wants to use it if it smells unpleasant.

Portable toilets store their waste, so it is vital that it is hygenically controlled and deodorised. Most current solutions to this problem are based on toxic chemicals which stop all biological activity in the toilet and are harmful to the environment when the toilet is eventually emptied.

EcoLoo is different.



Like its sister product, BioGest, it is non-toxic and environmentally-friendly, tackling your smelly septic systems and portable toilet problems without the need for harsh chemicals.

How does EcoLoo work?

It is based on the same biotechnology behind BioGest – using specially-selected suite of harmless, natural bacteria to digest the organic material in the toilet tank faster and more efficiently.

In addition, EcoLoo contains pleasant-smelling, almond essential oils, which initially cover and mask the unpleasant odours until the bacteria can get working on the organic material which is causing the smell.

EcoLoo is in effect, providing primary waste treatment in your portable toilet’s holding tank. No toxic chemicals are involved, and even after the tank is emptied, the bacteria will go on working, breaking up the solids in the waste treatment plant or septic tank, helping ensure a healthier environment.

EcoLoo was developed for the Australian market, which has some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world.

After extensive trials, EcoLoo was approved for use by the Western Australian Water Authorities and has a No Ojections Certificate from the Health Department of Western Australia.

How do I use it?

EcoLoo comes in water-soluble sachets, making it easy, safe and clean to use.

For standard portable toilets (up to 25 litres), simply drop one sachet into the toilet bowl after the holding tank has been emptied. If more than four people are using the toilet or if it has not been emptied for several days the does should be repeated at two or three day intervals.

For toilets used at public functions, an initial does of two sachets is recommended.

Septic Tanks: You can also use EcoLoo if you are troubled by a smelly septic tank system. Like BioGest, it works to boost the numbers of helpful bacteria in your system, so they can control odours naturally.

In addition, its natural almond essential oils will deodorise the system while the bacteria get to work.

To use EcoLoo to help control septic tank problems, use one sachet a day for six days. Then switch to a regular maintenance programme of using 1 BioGest sachet every month, to keep the good bacteria in the system at optimum levels.

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